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Music had been part of many peoples lives and I just realised what a big part music is to me. When I was six years old every time I had a nightmare or saw a creepy shadow outside my window I would sing myself to sleep or just go to my parents room but mostly sing myself to sleep, and the songs I sang where gospel songs, but along the lines of time I stopped singing songs to fall asleep I just forced myself to sleep but in the day I would sing to keep the grumpiness away from the lack of sleep. But that didn’t work after some time nightmares became weirder and scarier so I began to double check my room and closets before I sleep.I mean imagine a sixteen year old scared of stuff her brain made up? Well half way through my seventeenth year of leaving I decided enough was enough I am bringing out the phone to play that beautiful gospel music that put my soul at rest, so I did that and had peace ever since so I decided to google and see if I am the only one that need music to live not just sleep and I found that hundreds and thousands of people so the same, some go insane if they don’t listen to music, some feel a little off when there’s no music, some need to sleep like me, others need it to help them if they are in a bad mood and on goes the list of music being so important to people. Sometimes I imagine if music did not exsist well at least some horrible artists won’t exsist (YAY), there won’t be recycling of music beats (I SO HATE IT WHEN ARTISTS CANT MAKE THEIR OWN UNIQUE BEAT AND HABE TO RECYCLE SOMEONE ELSES BEAT AND NOT DO A GOOD JOB AT RECYCLING IT…… SAD FACE PEOPLE SAD FACE), there are many bad and stupid things that our precious ears won’t hear But life will truly be sad, colourless, meaningless, and super boring. How would we express how we feel then no singing the Blues when we down and no singing Pop weirdass songs when we happy, though I very strongly hate most Pop songs I like seeing people sing to them when they are happy. Life without music scares heck out of me so I’m glad music exsists cause I’d have been a eighteen year old with imaginary people issues.  

Hi I’m Jessica and this is my first post ever thanks for reading๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜